Plug_In Electric Hybrid Misuse

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV
Walking down the street the other day, I noticed something. The very same Mitsubishi Outlander that I always see. Thing is, this is a PHEV no less (a Plug-In Petrol Electric Hybrid) and it certainly looks like a lovely bit of kit.

However, what I noticed was that there doesn’t seem to be any charging infrastructure on the driveway of the house. As it happens, I bumped onto the owner and started to have a casual conversation about what we did and what she did and all sorts of other stuff. I mentioned that one of our clients was the Energy Saving Trust and that I had a keen interest in hybrids and electric vehicles and the like.

The conversation turned around to the car itself and the fact that it is a PHEV. It turns out that her company does not have any charging charging infrastructure in place and given that there is no way of charging the vehicle at her home, this was essentially being driven as a large petrol SUV.

With a little probing I found out that this was an oversight and something that neither her, nor her business, had a problem with.

My thoughts turned to how many folk are using a PHEV to take advantage of the super low benefit in kind (BIK) and not actually using the vehicle on the electric motors at all.

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