CarLease247 Now Supplying Vans

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It was never the intention to provide leases (or contract hire) on vans at We felt that we could add far more value in the company car space. Having been appointed by a couple of LeaseCos and the Energy Saving Trust (EST), the world of Perran Maven and CarLease247 was very much focussed on cars.

Things don’t stay static forever however and opportunities arise when you least expect them. So on reflection in our last strategy meeting we needed to table the thorny issue of vans. We get quite a few enquiries for vans, so we needed to consider this. In addition, we needed to consider the fact that we provide van leasing data to EST on a monthly basis. Also, much of the work that we do for EST is focussed on reducing costs on van fleets. Considering all of these things led us to believe that we needed to extend our offering to include vans. This was not the clincher though. The answer was under our noses all of the time. Our operations Director Julie has some experience with vans. Well, by some experience, we mean that she has two decades of experience in delivering vans to businesses from micro SMEs to some of the largest van fleets in the UK. From vanilla tradesman vans to complex van builds for very specific niche applications, she has a breadth of experience which is enviable in this field.

So the decision was made to offer vans to our customers.

The next issue was a little sticky as well. Whilst naming the Perran Maven business necessarily involved not linking the name to an asset class or market sector,
CarLease247 was quite the opposite. We wanted to create a brand that “does what it says on the tin”. So what does CarLease247 do again? Very funny! Now CarLease247 has the same issue that Europcar had when entering the van market and that it explicitly has the word “car” in the brand. Damn!

Well we considered many different options and even thought about taking the consideration to a wider audience. This was at a time when a research ship was on the verge of being named Boaty McBoatface, so we kept it in house. What we arrived at was simply genius. Here it is:

VanLease247. Yes you saw it here first. We agonised for hours and worked though many different iterations of brand look and feel and finally came up with VanLease247.

The next issue that we came across was that the CarLease247 platform is designed to allow users to fully configure a car and order a bespoke vehicle online. The problem here is that with many vans they are highly bespoke and providing the same service on vans as on cars is not feasible. So we needed a new platform. And we’ve got one.

Please feel free to have a look around
VanLease247 and let us know what you think. In reality, we haven’t actually created a new brand. We have simply branded it as “Vans by CarLease247”.

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