To Blog or not to Blog

Due to the complexity of what we deliver and some questions that arise often, we have decided to include a blog on this site. If there is any information that you cannot find - get in touch.
I have been tweeting for some time now and Facebook is part of the fabric of most people’s lives – from the young to the old. The thing is, with Twitter, it is great that you can dip in and out at your leisure and slip morsels of information into the twittersphere in no time at all and effectively have a “live” conversation with loads of folk at the same time.
There is a downside though. When used for business, it can be quite intrusive if a few followers want to indulge in a chat when you are in the middle of something else. There isn’t really etiquette involved with modern communications as there are so many media being used by so many people with a different view on the matter. One person might well be offended if you do not instantly tweet back. The same person may well take a couple of days to text a dear friend, who in turn may feel that two days is unacceptable. Boo-hoo. So the savvy tweep may well want to engage with someone to act on his or her behalf, an agency if you will. I can’t condone such a thing, not unless you are a celebrity with many thousands of followers and need to have your Twitter managed to some degree. I think it is also quite obvious that that is indeed what is going on. I couldn’t do this even if I wanted to for the following reason. Some of the information that I am exchanging is fairly complex and needs some explaining. I often have to revert to email and start a comms thread there instead. If you then need to exchange any large files or documents, then Dropbox or Google Drive might need to come into play because of email attachment size limits. So what might start on Twitter might end up being a communication that brings in lots of different media.
It can also be the case that the 140 character limit on Twitter just isn’t enough to permit you to get your message across. This is what got me started thinking about creating a blog.
My first hurdle was a typically British one. Do I have anything worth saying? Well, having been invited to speak at industry events and contribute to articles and projects over the years, then maybe I do have something worth saying. The underlying thought that maybe it is arrogant to think that people would want to read what I have to say is just something I will have to persevere with.
So – here we go. I started writing this at my desktop computer, my trusty Mac Pro, for no reason other than that is where I work when I am in the office. This wasn’t right. This wasn’t right at all. Where to write a blog article? There is only one place for this – a coffee shop. I grabbed my laptop and reached for a bag to go to the coffee shop. Still not right. I don’t know why, but it just wasn’t. Then I remembered an old Dell netbook that was under one of the cabinets in the office. Surprised that the battery held charge, I tucked it under my arm and marched off in search of caffeine.
This article was therefore finished on a netbook, along side a flat white, a slice of hummingbird cake and with Kate Tempest in my headphones.
Not sure where this will go, but let’s see.