We have been asked to do a quick walk through of the CarLease247 platform.

Although this is on our YouTube channel, we have included a copy of it here.

If you are hard of hearing, there is a transcript noted below the video. If you have any questions or want to get in touch, then please do.


We have designed a really intuitive site to allow you to configure and compare lease cars in the uk. However, we have been asked a couple of questions about the navigation on the site and the usability of the site, so we thought it would be a good idea to put some instructional videos together to take you through those issues.
The first is the usability of the site and the overall structure of the site. The structure of the site is simple. There are four key steps to the process. Vehicle selection, vehicle comparison, vehicle configuration and vehicle order.
You can get to the search screen in one of three ways from the home screen. You can either go to the navigation bar at the top, the "Show me know" button in the middle or there is a search pane at the bottom. All three of those buttons take you to the same place which is the
car search. I'll take you through that now.
There are two main ways that people search for vehicles. The first way is using a monthly budget. It tends to be business users that go down this avenue. They are less concerned about the precise vehicle. So let's say it is £350. It might have to be a diesel or a body type whether it is an estate or something like that. Generally, let's say they need a car for a manager, it just needs to perform a function, so they will probably search by budget. Let's do a quick search by budget. This is the search results page.
So you can see all of these vehicles. 140 vehicles around a budget of £350. OK? What we can do here is we can uplift and downlift the £350 to include - let's say - up 5%. We are now at £371 but we have got another 300 vehicles for consideration at just £20 a month more. So, using the budget tool is one way that you can search for a vehicle. The other - and this tends to be personal customers - if you go back to the car search - start new search to clear the search screen - they might have a very specific vehicle in mind. When we say personal customers we just mean regular consumers like you and me.
Lets say you take Ford Fiesta for example. You can specify gearbox, number of doors, seats and emissions and all of that sort of stuff. Let's just see what we get if we just do a search for Ford Fiesta. OK? So we have got 53 matches. There are all the Ford Fiestas that are currently available in the UK. So, what we are going to do next is to go on to the comparison screen. In the previous section we selected a Ford Fiesta to take through to our comparison page.
So, just to re-cap, we have got all the Fiesta here. I'm going to pick the top one - just because it's right at the top of the list there. That loads the vehicle into slot one in the car comparator. Now, the car comparator can compare three vehicles side-by-side. You can select as many vehicles as you want to and remove them at your leisure.
Essentially, it's three cars side-by-side. What I'm going to do is I'm going to select another vehicle from a new search. I'm not sure that I am THAT keen on Ford Fiestas, maybe I want to look at a maybe a Volkswagen Golf - something like that. I am going to go back to the search screen and select a Golf.
It then puts the Golf into slot 1 and moves the Fiesta along. Right. Another way to bring another vehicle into the comparison is to use a vehicle from the search results. So this goes back to the search results. So here are all the Golfs. There's an e-Golf here and we want to be environmentally sound so we are going to pick that one as well.
And there you have three cars side-by-side. If, for example, I longer want to consider this vehicle, I simply remove it from the search. I'll go back and do a new search. Let's look at a Vauxhall Astra. OK? I'll pick the top one for simplicity and now it brings the Astra into slot one. Now, all of these tabs come into play in the vehicle comparator.
So you can look at all of the technical aspects of the vehicles. The exterior. The interior. Safety and security and so on. Probably what you are keenest to look at is the price and within the comparison screen I no longer want to consider this electric Golf I can then go back and pick up a regular Golf or indeed any Golf I want.
In this screen there is also a tab which is very useful called Car Tax. So if this is a company car purchase you can compare the tax on three vehicles side by side for the current tax year and next tax year. this is really useful if it is a business purchase and you want to understand the company car tax.
You can use CarLease247 simply to look at the car tax on any particular vehicle or a range of vehicles. That is the car competitor part of CarLease247, you can add and remove vehicles, you can change each specification within the comparator, so if you look at the car tax here as an example, if we do change the vehicle, pick a 1.6 Sri that is the price on that vehicle and this is the company car tax on that vehicle. Likewise, if we change and go back to the E-Golf that is the company car tax on that vehicle. In the next section we will be looking at the configuration of a vehicle.
In the previous section we saw the three cars compared side by side in the comparator and I have had a look at all the technical information, the company car tax, the safety and security information. I have looked at the cost of all three vehicles and I want to go for the Fiesta. If we move onto the configuration screen, we simply click the green button and here we will see what you expect to see including all the different colours, trim and all other options available on this vehicle.
Really here it is about customising the vehicle and making it your own. For example I have picked the Race Red, Charcoal Black trim, and add the Navigation System Dab Radio and that's probably it. Once you have picked your options and colours you will just need to click the Update Options Total button and that will do several things.
Firstly it will update the rental here to include the cost of the options and the second thing it will do is, and this is really cool, is update the company car tax. So there are many places you can go online to calculate company car tax but there are very few that will actually do the full calculation including options.
Once you have clicked the update options total you will now see the base rental, the options rental and the rental including the options, the updated initial payment and you will see the company car tax for this tax year and next tax year. Once you are happy with your configuration we are onto the last part of the process which is ordering the vehicle.
Ordering the vehicle is the simplest part of the process. If we go back to our Ford Fiesta, we have configured it with other vehicles and rejected those and wanted to move forward with the Fiesta and make it our own, now all that is left to do is to order the vehicle. At the bottom of this screen is where you make that enquiry.
Very Simple, we just need name, telephone number, email, if you are a company, company name and registration number, it is as simple as that. The only information that we need in addition is if you want a brand new vehicle, i.e the vehicle is factory ordered, so the vehicle is made, brand new and will be subject to lead times. At Carlease247 we do not make cars, so Ford in this instance will be, and if it takes six weeks to make and configure that car then it will be subject to a lead time. If you say as soon as possible here then what we will do is make a stock enquiry and try and find a vehicle that closely matches the configuration that you have made.
In addition there is one last bit of information here and that is if you have used the site and say you are going to be travelling, lets say 5000 miles a year and we are only displaying 10, 15 and 20 thousand miles a year, you can still use all the functionality on the site, it's just that when you get to this part you just need to say, I'm going to be travelling 5000 miles, so can we have an alternative quote. Once you have given us that information, you simply click Submit Request and it comes to us and you will be contacted imminently to go through the next part of the process which is ordering the vehicle with the manufacturer and updating you on lead time, and so on. I hope that has helped somewhat in how to use the CarLease247 site.
We will be providing other tricks and tips, videos and tutorials in the coming weeks but in the meantime if you have any questions you would like to submit the links are below this video, indeed if you visit CarLease247 and have any
feedback for us, it will be gratefully received. I hope you have enjoyed the video. Thank you.