CarReward is a cost-focussed company car and business mileage platform. It was developed over two years and can now be deployed to drive UK businesses costs down.

CarReward includes ALL employees in considering the costs businesses incur when employees drive on business, including:
  • Company car eligible employees who take a car
  • Company car eligible employees who take a cash alternative
  • Employees who use their own cars for business mileage

CarReward therefore has three modules to address each of these populations:

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The CarReward modules can be implemented individually or as a total solution. Each module is detailed in the sub-pages of this section accessible from the menu above. In order to determine if you could make savings by utilising CarReward, there is a brief survey available in this section that we can appraise at zero cost. Our attitude is that if we believe you are doing things right, we will say so. Also included in this section is a case study that demonstrates the potential savings. Please take a look.
The CarReward Car Module can be implemented as a stand-alone solution for brokers or leasing companies who are looking to deliver an efficient and elegant solution for their larger customers or for customers where true outsourcing is a must. The cost is fully scaleable and is based on the number of orders placed on the platform in addition to a modest monthly maintenance charge. If you would like to discuss how this can benefit your business, please call us on: 0845 054 2310.
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